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It’s Official…Thompson + Chong Launches Today

We feel like kids on Christmas morning. We could hardly sleep last night for the excitement of announcing the official launch of Thompson + Chong today. And it’s not Christmas Day, it’s February 14, 2020! We really wanted this launch date. It has special significance for us.

Each of us worked at Sklar Wilton & Associates for more than half our careers. We learned so much from that experience and will be forever grateful for the wisdom it gave us about ourselves and our clients.

We know that, above all else, our success depends on a commitment to truly helping our clients succeed. Building trust is key to great relationships and that trust is earned over time. We earn a little more trust with every great deliverable, with every tough, revealing question we ask, and with every creative approach to problem-solving we introduce.

So, for us, February 14, 2020 signifies big heart and the clarity of 2020 vision. We are committed to bringing big heart and clarity to everything we do. Our goal is to bring leadership teams strategies that make a difference. And making a difference depends on winning trust, bringing focus, making tough choices and having some fun in the process.

A special thank you to our very first clients, TD Bank, Choice Hotels of Canada and Hudson’s Bay Company. We feel very lucky to work with you and your teams.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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