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So…that was Year 1!?

We are proud to say that, as of Feb 14, Thompson & Chong has wrapped up its first year of business and enters 2021 with a similar sense of optimism and excitement about possibilities…

BUT (yes, that’s a BUT)

…as you well know, our first 12-months were NOT what we envisioned: exploring new parts of the city for cool workspaces, rolling up sleeves with clients in boardrooms, team huddles working side-by-side on tough business challenges, celebrating successes at cafes, travelling abroad to work with US and International clients. HA!

Nope, that’s not how it went, at least that’s not the whole story. Let’s rewind the tape:

  • Feb 14, 2020, we announced Thompson & Chong’s official launch. Our business was off to an amazing start and we were stoked! From our Feb 14, 2020 blog:

We feel like kids on Christmas morning. And it’s not Christmas Day, it’s February 14, 2020! We really wanted this launch date. It has special significance for us.

… for us, February 14, 2020 signifies big heart and the clarity of 2020 vision. We are committed to bringing big heart and clarity to everything we do. Our goal is to bring leadership teams strategies that make a difference.

  • But, for so many of us, work and life were redefined pretty soon after that: lost jobs, missed proms and graduations, offices in kitchens, classrooms online, heartbreaking moments on hospital floors. We all know how tough it has been.

And even with so much grief and uncertainty, there have been some astonishing moments of clarity and big heart for us:

  • What really matters: we knew it in theory but this year, we practiced. Whatever is getting you through this, it likely comes down to a handful of pretty simple things.

  • All of us are more resourceful than we think. Whether that looks like doing your own IT support, teaching your kids, or making a meal from scratch, with a little help from YouTube, we can do it!

  • How we personally choose to go about our days has far-reaching impact. It’s the small things like holding the door for the person behind you or saying ‘good morning’ when you arrive at the office BUT also big things like sacrificing travel and friendly visits and showing up for other people even when it puts you at risk.

So…Thompson & Chong’s first year did not unfold as expected, but because of that, we were jolted into thinking differently, and doing that FAST. We doubled down on learning new things and getting out of our comfort zone. We did get to work with lots of great people – often via zoom – and tackled some pretty meaty business problems. We took facilitation online and learned loads of new tools. We even had a client say they preferred online innovation workshops to in-person ones. Who would have thought!!

All that said, we are incredibly grateful for our clients, business partners and families. We could not have done it without all of you. Thank you so much.

And so, we look to 2021 still with big hearts AND with a little more clarity!

Here we come Year 2.

P.S. Further to the point about individual impact, we decided to celebrate our anniversary by donating to two local charities: Eastview Community Centre that focuses on helping families, newcomers and seniors and Street Haven that helps women experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

P. P. S. Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!

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